TaiChi has its origins in Daoism, the natural philosophy of life from China, which has been dedicated to the recognition of the interrelationships between the earth and the universe for thousands of years. Like Buddhism, Daois­m is a world view or philosophy, but it originally is not a religion at all. Even among Buddhists and Daoists there is not always agree­ment on the right view and practice of the respective philosophy of life/religion.

The philosophy of life of Daoism tries to recognize connections and is not limited to the empirical scientific investigation of causal connections, as it is customary in the western world. These observations are the reason for the realization that we know, everything in the universe is occupied and permeated by universal energy. Human beings, animals and plants as living structures, as well as dead matter are included.

Even from our western point of view, we know that energy is always trying to create a bal­anced relationship/harmony. So does the energy in us. An unbalanced energy pattern in us, or disharmony, is always a sign and the cause of discomfort in the spiritual and physical well being of man (and of course of animals). It has been found out over thousands of years certain patterns of movement can bring us back from mental and physical disharmo­nies  into a harmonious state. Thus, a disease always is a disharmonious pattern that can be brought back to a harmonious state by appropriate measures such as Chinese medicine, Qi Gong, TaiChi and meditation.

Today, we make use of this knowledge, for example, by carrying out TaiChi.

The inclusion of the whole human being makes it possible for us to improve and some­times even make disappear many of the complaints caused by our Western civilization and way of life.

This is how we are given a centuries-old tradition from ancient China which gives us recovery opportunities without negative side effects and thus noticeably increases our well-being.