About Us

The German TaiChi Academy teaches the TaiChi theorem of the Yang style with the extensions that Master Moy (*1931, † 1998, Monk in pre-Communist China and later emigration via Hong Kong to Canada in 1970) developed specifically for the convalescence of physical and mental impairments.

Master Moy himself has experienced help in this sense. According to tradition, he spent many years in some monasteries in China and was taught by various teachers in different inner arts, such as Taijiquan, Lok Hup Ba Fa, QiGong and meditation.

On the subsequent path to recovery and his emerging success, he promised Guanyin, the symbolic figure of compassion in Daoism, to pass on the skills he had acquired that had led to his recovery in the same circumstances he experienced himself.

He founded several societies dedicated to spreading his style on a voluntary basis. We are committed to the legacy of Master Moy and therefore our teachers and instructors teach our TaiChi classes free of charge.

The German TaiChi Academy is not a recognized non-profit organization, however, our TaiChi course fees are based on cost recovery.

The extraordinary mode of action of the so-called “Inner Arts”, to which our TaiChi belongs, unfolds not only through the physical form and its execution, but also through the combination of this physical execution and the inner idea of the stimulated, moving life energy within us.

This gives the practice a meditative character in movement, which has an effect on physical well-being but has an enormously effective influence on the mental balance without additional effort. This ensures the harmonization of mind and body and creates a pleasant relaxation and calmness for our everyday life.

This effect is already noticeable after a few training sessions for the student.

An experience we would like to convey to you in our courses.

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