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We are a member of the IATLA (International Association of Taiqi and Lok Hup Bafa) in Canada to ensure a consistently high quality level of our courses. Taichi teachers, who were still taught by the founder Mr. Moy Lin Shin, work in this organization. In this way, we ensure that we teach the authentic form.

The member organisations and associated member organisations represented in the Association hold several workshops in Europe and Canada each year to deepen the 108 movements taught by Mr. Moy Lin Shin, based on the original, for our teachers and participants.

IATLA, Canada



Labrador, Canada

Alberta, Canada


United Kingdom

                     Dordrecht, NL

Weert, NL

                              Wrocław, PL

Poznan, PL

Lodz, PL

Warsaw, PL

Frankfurt, DE