Our Method

Our teaching method is based on the idea of being able to feel the effects of TaiChi from the very first training sessions.

We focus on bringing thoughts to rest and relaxing the mind and body by becoming aware of our own body structure and inner energetic processes.

During the first 6 months all 108 movement elements (we call it a set) are taught.

The individual elements of movement are practiced individually and one after the other and repeated in each of the following training sessions.

After the end of the first 6 months, the own balance and body structure has become so tightened that the complete movement can be practised again and with the individual mo­vements, but in more detail to refine and make the learned structures and movements more fluid. This procedure helps to relax more deeply into one’s own body structure. It is to car­ry out the movements more easily and relaxed, to open the joints, to stretch ligaments and tendons and thus to let our energy, the Qi, flow easily and unhindered – as well as to let our mind become calmer.

As the lessons progress, the instructions are more specific and will be adapted to the per­sonal characteristics at the time of the lessons.